Interior Assembly

A joining method involving a plastic stud protruding from one component fitting into a hole in the second component. The stud is deformed through the softening of the plastic to form a head which mechanically locks the two components together.

  • Hot air cold pin
  • Multiple stakes
  • Individual stake adjustment
  • Quick cycle times

High frequency sound waves (20 kHz and above) are used to melt the materials to be joined. Localized melting may be accomplished with designing an energy directing tip into the one of the parts being welded.

  • Multiple points with one horn
  • Quick cycle times
  • Machine handheld units
  • Robot handheld units

This is the process whereby a clip style fastener is attached to a sub-assembly component by means of a mechanical installation tool. The installed clip provides the attachment mechanism for joining components into a final assembly.

  • Free floating position compensating heads
  • Individual position adjustment
  • Quick cycle times
  • Compact designs

Machine designed to remove excess material at the injection point of an injection molded product.

  • Numerous materials
  • Innovative gate management
  • Saw, Nip, Shear and Cut
  • Fully adjustable
  • Anvil management
  • Robust
  • Fully automated

This process is used extensively to affix decorative components to automotive, heavy truck and recreational product bodies. The process involves the surface preparation and affixing of the components by means of glue or permanent tape.

  • Force control
  • Distance control
  • Multi Axis
  • Departed Axis
  • 6-7 Axis
  • Cartesian

Customizable to size & space

  • Large parts
  • Small parts
  • Accurate Repeatability

Method used to provide imaging based automatic inspection and analysis.

  • Part validation
  • Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Part Recognition
  • Machine integration
  • Robot integration
  • Barcode Reading

Common devices used to feed individual component parts for assembly on production lines. Mainly used when a randomly sorted bulk package of small components must be fed into another machine one-by-one, in a particular direction.