Global Vehicle Systems - Automation - Automotive - Powertrain/Engine Component Assembly

Powertrain/Engine Component Assembly

  • Anvil management
  • Robust
  • Fully automated

High frequency sound waves (20 kHz and above) are used to melt the materials to be joined. Localized melting may be accomplished with designing an energy directing tip into the one of the parts being welded.

  • Multiple points with one horn
  • Quick cycle times
  • Machine handheld units
  • Robot handheld units

This is the process whereby a clip style fastener is attached to a sub-assembly component by means of a mechanical installation tool. The installed clip provides the attachment mechanism for joining components into a final assembly.

  • Free floating position compensating heads
  • Individual position adjustment
  • Quick cycle times
  • Compact designs
  • Part validation
  • Inspection
  • Positional compensation
  • Machine integration
  • Robot integration