Global Vehicle Systems has developed the skills and experience throughout its history to get the jobs you need completed in the time, quality and value you expect. Our team of highly skilled employees bring their experience and passion for the industry to create the most innovated and productive products on the market.

Global Vehicle Systems project management will be your point of contact through each phase of our work process.
Our project management offers:

  • Experience in project management
  • Single point of contact approach to coordinate all activities related to specific projects
  • Microsoft Project as a communication channel to supply you with updated information
  • Evaluation of designs
  • Monitoring budgets
  • Reviewing manuals and quotes
  • Ensuring services are delivered as scheduled
  • Establishing support mechanisms to ensure quality results
  • Strong automation and process expertise

Global Vehicle Systems mechanical design team consists of masters in engineering working alongside experienced machinists. Our mechanical design team combined with advanced 3D design software are able to design the most creative and innovative products that will fulfill your companies needs. The team uses:

  • SolidWorks™ latest 3D CAD software to design accurate and precise 3D modeling. SolidWorks™ software enables intuitive 3D designs with their accurate accelerated design process and real world test conditions to design cost effective solutions
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using the latest SolidWorks™ software. EPDM™ provides a complete method of tracking a products development process, with integrated analysis and simulation it provides product validation at each design phase ensuring product quality.
  • World’s fastest workstations from BOXX™ Technologies. BOXX™ Technologies lets our designers use SolidWorks™, Catia™ and Abaqus™ software at the accurate fast pace design speed it was intended.

Global Vehicle Systems electrical designers take their practical and physical expertise to bring creativity and cost effective solutions to a design. The team consists of:

  • Electrical designers
  • Journeymen electricians
  • SolidWorks Electrical™ design software. SolidWorks Electricals™ accurate and efficient electrical design features enables our designers to shorten the design process allowing for cost effective solutions.

Global Vehicle Systems on site fabrication gives you the comfort of knowing you get nothing but the most durable and high quality fabricated products. A powder coated finish to the fabricated frames and weldments add the benefit of having a longer lasting paint finish with higher resistance to chipping, cracking, and impact so your frame stays protected. We have the ability to weld a variety of metals with the skills and equipment capable of:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • ARC Welding

Global Vehicle Systems skilled machinist and equipment give us the advantage and capabilities of in-house machining. Our experience gives us control over regulating the quality of work so you get nothing but the best. The department consists of:

  • Journeymen Machinist
  • Journeymen industrial Millwrights
  • Fadal vertical CNC machining center (40 x 20)
  • Tool room lathes with CNC capabilities
  • Conventional vertical mill

Global Vehicle Systems manufactures control panels to the utmost quality standards. Panels are customized using our quality designs to maximize layout efficiency and safety concerns.

  • Journeymen (442A) Industrial Electricians
  • Third party ESA certified

With over 50 combined years of experience in machine assembly our assembly team consist of:

  • Journeymen Electricians
  • Journeymen plumbers with pneumatic plumbing experience
  • Certified Millwrights
  • Third party pre safety report (PSR) certified

Global Vehicle Systems electrical design team has over 35 combined years of PLC programming. The team uses their experience and skills programming with:

  • Seimens™ software
  • Rockwell™ (Allen-Bradley) software
  • Omron™ high precision control equipment and factory automated systems
  • HMI interface
  • Robotic integration programming using Fanuc™, Abb™, Motoman™ and Desno™ robotic systems
  • Robotic simulation using Roboguide software
  • Teach Pendant for robotic programming
  • Vision inspection technologies using Cognex™, Keyence™ and Banner™ products
  • CMM Inspections
  • Third party pre safety report (PSR) certified

Whether the products delivery location is local or international, Global Vehicle Systems can deliver.

  • All products that we produce that are exiting Canada must have proper customs documentation that we will gladly provide for you. Our customs documentation services take care of identifying the proper tariff code, commercial invoice and all trucking documents. We also make sure the shipment is NAFTA certified.
  • ACE manifest

Every machine that we build comes with two complete service manuals that consist of:

  • Mechanical drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • PLC programming
  • Spare parts required
  • Recommended maintenance
  • Available in multiple languages